How to install your OS?

Modified on Mon, 19 Feb 2024 at 04:13 PM

If you need an OS that is not on our VPS installation list, you can easily add your own installation disk via your personal cabinet.

To do this, open the active services section, click "Control" to open the VPS management page

hen on the right side, click on the "Connect ISO" button.

where you specify the FULL address from where you want to download the image.


ou should use only direct links, when you click on them, the image will start downloading immediately.

You can use any cloud service: which supports direct links.

The image must be in iso format

After downloading iso you will receive a notification to your e-mail.

How can I install the downloaded ISO?

You can install the OS from the Proxmox console. Log in via the Proxmox web-interface.

(login details can be found in the VPS creation email)

Switch to the Proxmox console section, it is similar to the connected screen to the VPS

To soft reboot the OS (analogous to pressing Alt+Control+Delete)

use the keys on the left side of the Proxmox console.

The missing keys should be pressed on the physical keyboard itself.

As a rule, booting from ISO will start after shutting down and turning on the VPS.

Selecting the boot menu.

To abort the OS boot, press the Reset button on the top right.

Then immediately press Esc on the keyboard, the following menu will appear

In which and select the option to boot from iso, by simply pressing 3 or the desired number.

Windows - peculiarities of installation.

On the windows family OS, there are a few features that are important to remember.

windows does not support virtio disk format.

You can look for an image with integrated virtio drivers,

or write to our technical support to change the disk type to sata/ide.

IP address is configured manually at post-installation stage, dhcp is disabled, ip parameters are specified in the VPS confirmation letter.

windows does not know how to integrate with kvm, so the following buttons will NOT work: reboot/shutdown in the proxmox panel.

The red button "Restart server" in your personal cabinet will not work either.

Remember that some distributions require you to press any key to continue booting from CDROM.

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