How to check the location of an IP address?

Modified on Wed, 14 Feb 2024 at 04:58 PM

You can determine your location using our service. Our address database is constantly updated and you can find it at GeoIP web services demo | MaxMind . This service will help you to locate your IP address and get information about your location.

Step 1: Visit the MaxMind website:

Go to the MaxMind website at GeoIP web services demo | MaxMind  

Step 2: Locate the IP address entry box. 

When you go to GeoIP web services demo | MaxMind  , you will see the IP address entry box, you can enter up to 25 addresses at a time. 

Step 3: Enter IP address:

Enter the IP address and click on the "View results" button.

Step 4: View results:

After entering the IP address, you will see the following information:

Location: The country where the IP address is located;

Network: Subnet of the IP address;

Postal code: Postal code;

Latitude and Longitude: Geographic coordinates;

ISP/Organization: The name of the organization associated with the IP address;

Step 5: Interpret the results:

These results can be used for a variety of purposes such as determining the origin of visitors, analyzing network traffic, or customizing content based on location.

Note: Keep in mind that using IP addresses for geolocation can be limited in accuracy and does not always provide completely accurate results.

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