How to make a vps backup?

Modified on Wed, 01 May 2024 at 12:43 PM

Unfortunately, we currently cannot provide a service for creating backups and snapshots of virtual servers. However, you can create a backup yourself:
To create a VPS backup using the dd command, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Preparation: 
    Make sure you have superuser (root) permissions to perform these operations. Check the available storage space for your backup.

  2. Stopping services:
    Before starting the backup process, it is recommended to stop services or pause data recording on the VPS to avoid errors in the process.

  3. Creating a backup:
    Use the dd command like this:
    sudo dd if=/dev/your_VPS of=/path_to_backup_file.img bs=4M
    if - indicates the source device (your VPS).
    of - specifies the file where the backup will be saved.
    bs - data block size.

  4. Process indicator:
    The backup process may take time, depending on the amount of data. To track your progress, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T.

  5. Checking the backup:
    Once the operation is complete, verify that the backup was created successfully by attempting to restore on another device.

Please note that using dd may involve the risk of data loss, so be careful when executing these commands. Please read the documentation first and make sure you fully understand the process.

Once the image is created, it can be copied to a remote FTP/SSH server. Use utilities such as scp to copy to an SSH server or ftp for an FTP server.

Copying to SSH server using scp:

Suppose you have a remote server with the address, and you want to copy backup.img to that server.

scp /path_to_backup_file_backup.imgудаленный_путь/

Copying to an FTP server using ftp:

Suppose you have an FTP server with the address, and you want to upload a backup copy of backup.img to that server.

  1. Run ftp

ftp ip_address_server

  1. Enter your username and password

  2. Upload the file:

put /path_to_backup_file_backup.img

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